Bubble Balloons, Deco Balloons & Double Bubbles

Bubble Balloons are similar to the foil balloons in that they do not breathe like latex balloons do, and stay up for a lot longer. Bubble balloons are made of a stretchy plastic and stay afloat for a long, long time.

Deco balloons are a bigger version of the bubble balloons. They are designed to hold another balloon inside them. These are incredibly popular for Baby Showers, Weddings and Birthdays.

Double Bubbles are a 2 for 1… the bubble is on the outside and there is another balloon on the inside. Baby Girl double bubbles have an inflated pink bear inside, Birthday double bubbles have an inflated champagne bottle inside etc. There is an awesome range of these, and are always well stocked because they fly off the shelf very quickly!

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